Fake Grenfell survivor jailed for fraud offences

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A fraudster who falsely claimed he was a survivor of the Grenfell tower fire in order to claim money intended for real victims has been jailed.

Anh Nhu Nguyen, 53, was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court today to 21 months in prison.

Nguyen was given £12,500 as well as hotel accommodation, food, clothing and laptops after falsely claiming to be a Grenfell resident.

Nguyen leaving hotel in London after Grenfell fire
Anh Nhu Nguyen seen on CCTV leaving the restaurant at a hotel in London where Grenfell Tower survivors had been given refuge

He was arrested and charged on 28 June after other Grenfell residents and housing workers raised concerns about his story. It was discovered he had been living in Bromley and had never lived in Grenfell. He pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud and one of making an untrue statement in order to get a passport on 2 November.


Kate Mulholland from London CPS said: “The prosecution was able to prove that Nguyen lied again and again to personally profit in the aftermath of the devastation of the Grenfell Tower fire.

“He went on TV to claim he had lost family members in the fire, and gave a number of elaborate accounts of losing both his wife and child which of course was totally untrue.

“By falsely presenting himself as a Grenfell survivor he pocketed donations and was seen on CCTV eating and drinking in a hotel restaurant where survivors had been offered refuge.

“His offences caused further unnecessary suffering to the real survivors.

“At the sentencing hearing the Crown Prosecution Service applied to permanently deprive Nguyen of the money and other items given to him and they will now be restored to the charities which donated them.”

Notes to editors

  • Kate Mulholland is a Specialist Prosecutor in the London CPS Complex Casework Unit.
  • On 2 November, Nguyen admitted the following offences. He was given 21 months for each offence with the sentences to run concurrently:
    • Fraud. Between 17 June 2017 and 29 June 2017 dishonestly and intending to make a gain for himself, namely money and accommodation, made representations to representatives of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea which he knew were untrue, that he was a resident of Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017
    • Fraud. Between 17 June 2017 and 20 June 2017 dishonestly and intending to make a gain for himself, namely food, clothing, footwear and electronic equipment, made representations to charities that he was a resident of Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017
    • Making an untrue statement for the purpose of obtaining a passport, contrary to section 36 of the Criminal Justice Act 1925. On 19 June 2017 made a statement he knew to be untrue for the purpose of procuring a passport for himself, namely that he had lost his passport in the name of Anh Tuan Nguyen, in a fire at the Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017.

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