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Independent Assessor of Complaints

The Independent Assessor of Complaints (IAC) operates independently from the CPS and is responsible for the handling and investigation of complaints from members of the public in relation to the quality of the service provided by the CPS and its adherence to its published complaints procedure.

The IAC works to ensure the CPS demonstrates its vision to be transparent, accountable and fair by:

  • Providing an independent, high quality and accessible process for reviewing service complaints that have exhausted the CPS internal process
  • Seeking to right individual wrongs
  • Driving improvements in public services and inform public policy

Complaints can be referred to the IAC if you remain dissatisfied with the explanations following Stages One and Two of the complaints procedure and your complaint is a service complaint (the way in which we have conducted ourselves). You must do this within one month of receiving our explanation at Stage Two of the procedure.

Your complaint should outline why you are not satisfied with the responses provided at Stage One and Two of the complaints procedure and why the matter should be reviewed. You must do in writing either by email or post.

Your complaint will be acknowledged and reviewed by the IAC and you will receive a full response within 40 working days of receipt. If it is not possible to complete the investigation within that time, the IAC will contact you to explain why there is a delay and provide a date by which he hopes to provide a response.

You can read the Terms of Reference under which the IAC operates on this website. These outline the role and responsibilities of the IAC.

Contact Details

Stephen Shaw CBE
Independent Assessor of Complaints for the CPS
c/o Rose Court
2 Southwark Bridge


Fax: 020 3357 0567