Community Accountability Forum Co-Chair

Established in 2007, the Community Accountability Forum (CAF) plays an important role in providing independent oversight of the Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS) work to deliver our inclusion and community engagement strategy, and our statutory equality and diversity objectives.  

The CAF is one of the mechanisms the CPS utilises to engage with external stakeholders from the voluntary community sector, academia and across government. This ensures that equality, fairness and inclusion are at the heart of what we deliver and that we continue to work to build confidence and understanding of the work of the CPS among all our communities. 
This is an exciting opportunity to Co-Chair the CAF with our Chief Executive and help shape and drive the inclusion and community engagement agenda at the Crown Prosecution Service. The CPS exists to deliver justice – working with partners at the heart of the criminal justice system to protect the public and create a safe society.  In applying for this role, you will be working with a team committed to building an inclusive culture and improving public trust and confidence in the CPS. 

Interested in applying for the role? Find further information on how to apply in the Candidate Information Pack.