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Class of 2015

Samreen Akhtar and Christopher Fontaine are newly qualified CPS Crown Prosecutors. Learn more about their experiences of the LTS below.

Christopher Fontaine

Christopher Fontaine decided to take part in the CPS Legal Trainee Scheme after developing a passion for justice and aspirations to specialise in criminal and public law.

Christopher FontaineHe says he's never looked back:

"From the first day I was left in no doubt that the CPS really invests in their legal trainees. It was made crystal clear to us, by the Director of Public Prosecutions herself, that if you have particular aspirations, the CPS will do everything it can to support you. I have already met many people at the CPS who have been supported to reach the positions they aspire to.

"The CPS offers the opportunity to specialise in every area of criminal law you can think of and the Legal Trainee Scheme is the time to explore those areas.

"I was placed with one of the most experienced barristers around and instantly involved in cases that were as serious as they come. It is not something that law school can prepare you for, partly because it is real, and it is an exhilarating way to start your career.

"My advice for anyone considering applying for the CPS Legal Trainee Scheme, and wanting to get the most out of the recruitment process, is to first and foremost be very familiar with the Code for Crown Prosecutors. Stay abreast of the legal sections of at least two national newspapers and debate the topics you read with anyone willing. Whatever the topic is, consider three questions: what is in the complainant's interest? What is in the defendant's interest? Why do I want to work for the CPS?

"Completing my training through the Legal Trainee Scheme and pursuing a career with the CPS was an obvious choice for me. I would recommend it to anyone considering doing the same."

Samreen Akhtar

Watch the video below to hear about her experience of the LTS.