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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about careers at the Crown Prosecution Service.

Q How do I apply for a vacancy?

A) All our jobs are advertised on the Civil Service Jobs website. Once you've found a job you're interested in, just follow the instructions for applying online.

Q I am a Fixed Term Contract employee with the CPS, can I apply for internal vacancies?

A) Yes, you can apply for internal vacancies that appear on Civil Service Jobs, as long as you were recruited through open and fair competition and once you have passed your probation. Just follow the instructions on how to apply these roles.

Q Can I check the status of my application?

A) Yes, just log back into your application on the Civil Service Jobs website and this will update you fully on the status of your application.

Q Can I find out any more about the opportunity?

A) There will be general information about the role in the job advert and normally the advert will contain someone to contact if you have any queries.

Q Do I receive any feedback if I am not successful?

A) At the initial application stage, we cannot give specific feedback. However if you attend an interview full feedback will be provided within a timely period to enable to you assess your own opportunities.

Q Can I attach a supporting letter to my application?

A) the advert will specify what is required. Our application process is competency-based therefore your application form will be assessed against the criteria set out in the person specification. If a supporting document or CV is required, this will be detailed in the advert. If not, they will not be considered.

Q If I am unsuccessful at my interview, is there any follow-up process?

A) You can request feedback and then you can set up job alerts in Civil Service Jobs. You will automatically receive an e-mail about new jobs being advertised that may suit your skills.

Q I have just finished school/college and dont have any work experience. Can I still apply?

A) Yes - our application process is competency-based therefore you need to demonstrate your examples against the criteria set out in the person specification. These examples can be from school/college or personal examples

Q I have applied to the Crown Prosecution Service before and was unsuccessful. Can I reapply?

A) Yes - you just need to demonstrate that you meet the criteria as set out in the advert on the person specification for that particular position.