Regional Community Panels

We have four regional community panels - one with a strategic focus and three thematic scrutiny panels. 

Panel members are drawn from a wide cross-section of community groups including charities, inter-agency partnerships and local authorities. 

The panels meet  between two and three times a year.

Strategic Panel

The panel is a partnership between the CPS and local communities which will work together to deliver improved criminal justice to communities. It replaces the former Community Involvement Panels.

The overall remit of the strategic panel is to ensure that the CPS effectively involves and considers the views of diverse communities to identify concerns, develop joint responses, solve problems and improve the delivery of our Core Quality Standards. 

Thematic Scrutiny Panels

There are three themed panels for the following types of cases. Click on the link to see the membership of each panel.

The overall remit of each panel is to scrutinise CPS casework and decision-making to improve performance and ensure the delivery of our Core Quality Standards. Panel members will undertake the following activities in relation to their specialist area of casework:

Review and scrutinise non-active CPS case files;

Identify issues, common themes and trends in the decision-making process, looking in particular at the impact of CPS decision-making on diverse communities;

Make recommendations to the CPS to improve CPS performance and support to victims and witnesses;

Provide feedback to colleagues and communities on the results of the panel and actions taken by the CPS in response to the panels observations and recommendations .


For further information, contact Lizzy Mills, Equality, Diversity and Community Engagement Manager for CPS Yorkshire and Humberside: