Stephen Griffiths pleads guilty to the murders of three women


Peter Mann, Head of CPS West Yorkshire's Complex Casework Unit commented today on the sentencing of Stephen Griffiths for the murder of three Bradford women.

Peter Mann, Head of CPS West Yorkshires Complex Casework Unit, said:

"Faced with the overwhelming evidence presented against him, and after he was confronted with the horror of what he had done, Stephen Griffiths today pleaded guilty to the murder of Suzanne Blamires, the murder of Shelley Armitage, and the murder of Susan Rushworth.

"Few people in Bradford are likely to forget the horrific events which led to Griffiths being arrested and charged with these murders in May this year.  It was the start of a complex process by my team at the Crown Prosecution Service to build a robust prosecution case. The case, based on the evidence painstakingly gathered by West Yorkshire Police, overwhelmingly proved Griffiths' guilt.

"We cannot begin to understand what drove this cold-hearted and manipulative individual to take three lives in such a brutal and senseless way.   We hope that today's result has brought some small measure of comfort to the families of Suzanne, Shelley and Susan, who have suffered a harrowing ordeal as a result of Griffiths' crimes. They are at the forefront of all our minds today."