Solar Centre: Two Found Guilty of 25 Charges of Ill-treatment


Susan Murphy and James Hinds have today been found guilty of 25 charges of ill treatment of patients at the Solar Centre in Doncaster.

Martin Goldman, Chief Crown Prosecutor, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside said:

"People attended the Solar Centre for respite, care and understanding. Instead they were subjected to humiliation, abuse and ill treatment due to their vulnerability. This is an appalling abuse of trust and a violation of what society should be able to expect from people in the care profession.

"We acknowledge that this conviction has taken some time to secure and I pay tribute to the fortitude of the victims and their families.

"In October 2011, we appointed a specialist lawyer from the Complex Casework Unit to work closely with South Yorkshire Police to ensure all available evidence was gathered and put before the court. We kept the families involved throughout our considerations and the lawyer met with many of them to inform them of his decisions and explain the next steps.

"I hope those involved can now find some comfort in the knowledge they achieved justice and their accounts of what happened led to Hinds and Murphy being held to account."