Sheffield man offers Rhino horns for sale


A Sheffield man has been convicted of trying to sell Rhino Horns to a Chinese herbalist.

52 year old Clifford Bardelli had been given two pieces of Rhino horn as a gift from a former employer but when he hit financial difficulty he called two local herbalists and offered them for sale.

The former silversmith had previously used the animal parts to shape metal.

Bardelli admitted two charges of offering for sale parts of an endangered animal.

Magistrates in Sheffield ordered the forfeiture of the Rhino Horns and gave Bardelli to carry our 240 hours of unpaid work.

Prosecutor Rob Coyne said: "The parts he had weighed 54g and 173g and had an estimated value of £15,000, though he offered them for sale for far less. We requested costs of £85 and forfeiture of the Rhino Horn which was granted by the court."