Scunthorpe road rage driver guilty of grievous bodily harm sentenced to six years


Mohammed Abdullah has today been found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent and dangerous following a road rage incident in Scunthorpe in the early hours of 14 April.

The defendant deliberately drove his vehicle at speed and without warning towards two pedestrians, mowing them down and causing them multiple injuries, before making off from the scene, leaving them wounded by the roadside. When the police finally were able to interview him he lied about his actions.

CPS Crown Advocate Jeremy Evans said: "Abdullah used his vehicle as a deadly weapon and these two men stood no chance.  His intention was perfectly clear - to cause them the maximum possible harm. He mowed them down entirely deliberately and made off from the scene without a second thought for their welfare.

"Fortunately the whole incident was captured on CCTV. It makes for shocking viewing. I hope today's guilty verdicts are of comfort to Abdullah's two victims as they continue to recover from their injuries."