Scunthorpe carer sentenced to 28 months for stealing over £17,000 from 91 year old client


Sarah Maguire, a carer, systematically raided the bank account of one of her clients - a 91 year old gentleman from Scunthorpe whose eyesight was failing. Between January and April 2016, she stole over £16,000 using his PIN number at local ATM machines and through online transfers. The theft was discovered when the bank noticed unusual and regular amounts leaving his account.

The Court also heard that Maguire had previously been sentenced at Grimsby Crown Court to 18 months in August 2013 for stealing £63,000 from her employer.

At Grimsby Crown Court today she was sentenced to 28 months' imprisonment.

Jeremy Evans, Crown Advocate, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside said: "This defendant initially denied stealing the money, but when confronted by the police with overwhelming evidence, she admitted responsibility and pleaded guilty.

"This woman callously stole a considerable sum from an elderly gentleman with failing eyesight. She was placed in a position of trust and responsibility for his care, and it is hard to imagine a more despicable breach of that trust than this.

"She took complete advantage of this gentleman's vulnerability and stole from him systematically. The sentence handed down today is an indication of the seriousness with which the criminal justice system takes this type of offending. Those who prey on vulnerable people will be caught, prosecuted, and punished."