Rotherham child sex abuse gang sentenced


The Rotherham gang who earlier this week were found guilty of a raft of child sexual abuse charges have been sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court today.

The ringleader, Arshid Hussain was jailed for 35 years, and his brothers Basharat and Bannaras to 25 and 19 years respectively. Their uncle Qurban Ali was sentenced to ten years. Their accomplices were also sentenced - Karen MacGregor was sentenced to 13 years and Shelley Davies to 18 months, suspended for two years.

Peter Mann, Head of the Complex Casework Unit, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside said: "The Crown Prosecution Service has worked closely with South Yorkshire Police throughout this complex and lengthy investigation to build a strong case and secure justice for the victims.

"These defendants, in their differing ways, targeted these teenage girls because they were vulnerable and then facilitated their systematic sexual abuse. The abusers then groomed and sexualised their victims; often subjecting them to acts of a degrading and violent nature. They were mocked and spat at. Some of the violence was extreme and protracted.

"Arshid Hussain in particular played a key role. He was domineering and in some instances brutal in his treatment of girls. He used them for his own gratification, then often prostituted them or passed them on to his brothers or associates. He was assisted in differing ways by the other defendants, each willingly engaging in exploitative behaviour and using the girls to their own ends.

"The physical and psychological sufferings these girls have endured is unthinkable. Their trauma is only matched in scale by the extraordinary courage they have displayed in coming forward to report their abuse and give evidence in this trial so that their abusers can at last be accorded the punishment they deserve.

"These men's actions, and those of the women who facilitated them, are utterly abhorrent. Such depravity has no place in our society. The CPS will continue to work closely with the police to prosecute these complex cases."