Chief Prosecutor's Plea to Victims of Domestic Violence in Humberside


As CPS Humberside continues to exceed the national average for successfully prosecuting cases of domestic violence, the Chief Crown Prosecutor encourages victims to speak out.

Chief Crown Prosecutor Martin Goldman said:

The festive period is a notoriously difficult time for those suffering at the hands of their partner, and there may be someone you know who has suffered violence at home in recent weeks. Im keen to ensure every one of those people knows how seriously we take this and how successful we are at prosecuting such cases.

In 2010 2011, CPS Humberside successfully prosecuted 78.2% of cases (1217 of a total 1557 cases). The national average, in terms of success is 71.9%.

Martin added; Weve exceeded the national average for a number of years now (at least four). We have a good track record but all of this is irrelevant unless the incidents are reported.

Women experience an average of 35 incidents before they report it, if they make it that far. But its not only men that can be the perpetrators of domestic violence. In 2010-2011 we successfully prosecuted 76 women for attacks on their partners, most of whom were male.

If you are suffering domestic violence, dont wait to see how bad things get and please dont believe your partner when they tell you it was a one-off or your fault.

Every week in this country two people lose their lives to domestic violence; so in 2012 we can expect 104 people to lose their life, some of those people may be living amongst us here in Humberside. If we give victims of domestic abuse the confidence to report the crimes, or their neighbours to report it for them, lives can be saved.

We see cases of domestic violence day in, day out and every one of those cases is dealt with with sensitivity, professionalism and absolute dedication.

We have specialist lawyers who can advise the police on what evidence may be accepted at court.

There are measures we can take to assist a victim in giving evidence comfortably; in some cases this may include speaking from behind a screen or over a TV link.

I want those suffering domestic violence to read this and recognise that in the last year 1217 domestic abusers in Humberside were successfully prosecuted and convicted for what they did to their partners and or children. Those people and, in many cases, their children are now safer as a result of speaking out.