Prolific offender sentenced to six months for 'Fagin-style' burglaries in Grimsby


Margaret Doherty was sentenced to six months at Grimsby Crown Court today, after using her two young sons as accomplices in a series of burglaries.

CPS Crown Advocate Jeremy Evans said: "This defendant, Margaret Doherty, is no stranger to the criminal justice system, having already been convicted 15 times for no less than 31 offences.

"Her latest bout of offending occurred in Grimsby in August 2013. Fagin-style, she shamelessly using her two young sons aged eleven and nine as accomplices. First she targeted Bambinos, a baby store. Whilst engaging the assistant in conversation, one of her sons went into a private staff room and stole an iPad, while the other wheeled away a pushchair from the display.

"During the second incident, at Moody Lane petrol station, Doherty had a four-year-old toddler with her, who was seen to pick up items and put them into a pick-up truck outside, before being asked to return them. The defendant  was later found to have stolen over £30 of goods, including three bottles of wine and a tool kit from the forecourt shop.

"Margaret Doherty seems to have no moral compass whatsoever. Not only does she brazenly steal items herself, she is also shamelessly introducing her two young sons to a life of crime as her accomplices. I hope that the sentence handed down today is some comfort to those she has stolen from. I also sincerely hope it has demonstrated to her young family the serious consequences of this type of criminal behaviour."