Peter Brown found guilty of teenage jockeys' manslaughter


Peter Brown’s act of revenge robbed the families of Jan Wilson and Jamie Kyne of their loved ones and sadly deprived the sporting world of two rising talents, said Jan Hills, District Crown Prosecutor for CPS North Yorkshire.

Ms Hills said:

"This utterly senseless act perpetrated by Peter Brown led to the tragic death of two young people, both of whom had their whole lives and promising sporting careers ahead of them.

"In setting fire to the block of flats, he cruelly snuffed out that youthful potential, all for the sake of a perceived slight after being refused access to a party.

Peter Brown was charged with the murder of Jan Wilson and Jamie Kyne, both professional jockeys, who died in a house fire at their top floor flat in Norton, North Yorkshire, in the early hours of 5th September 2009. 

The court was told that the fire, in the entrance hall to the block of six flats, was laid deliberately by Brown, in revenge for being refused access to a party being held at a flat on the first floor some hours earlier.

Although others in the building were able to escape through the windows, Ms Wilson and Mr Kyne were overcome by fumes and were unable to get out. They died from smoke inhalation and burns. Peter Brown was convicted of manslaughter after a trial at Leeds Crown Court.

Ms Hills said:

"We have worked closely throughout the preparation of this case with our colleagues at North Yorkshire Police and we would like to thank them for all their hard work.

"Our thoughts are now with the families of Jan and Jamie and all who knew them. We offer them our deepest sympathies, and we hope that today's verdict can bring them some measure of comfort."