Parents Jailed for Reign of Abuse


Linsley Holmes, the mother of two boys, and her husband Corin Holmes have been convicted of false imprisonment and child cruelty.

Linsley HolmesThe pair pleaded guilty to two counts of each offence against the boys now aged 17 and 19 at Grimsby Crown Court.

Linsley (41) was sentenced to four years imprisonment and Corin (39) was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

The prosecution case included details of the boys, between 2004 and 2011, being denied adequate food and hygiene and being kept in a room for long periods.

After the pair were sentenced, CPS Prosecutor Sara Hill-Summerlin said:

"It was a very difficult case to deal with both as a prosecutor and as a person. 

"The offences took place over a number of years and the charges reflect a situation that was faced by the boys on an almost daily basis.

"It took an awful lot of courage for the boys to move on from all that they knew and to Corin Holmescarry on with the prosecution. Their courage and support for each other was tremendous throughout.

"The police went the extra mile, they took care about how these boys were handled ensuring that their wishes were paramount.

"All parties to the prosecution, the police, CPS and the Barrister,  worked in the interest in the victims, making sure that the prosecution was brought swiftly with the least upset possible to the boys.

"The difference in the boys now is palpable and we wish them every success in the future."