Paradeep Kandola sentenced to nine years four months for violent robbery in Scunthorpe


Paradeep Kandola was sentenced to nine years four months at Grimsby Crown Court today, following the ransacking of the victim’s safe in a violent robbery at her home.

Jeremy Evans, Crown Advocate CPS Yorkshire and Humberside said: "On 5 August the victim answered her front door to an unknown male, who we now know is the defendant Paradeep Kandola. Kandola was swiftly joined by two others. All three men, by then wearing balaclavas and gloves, forced themselves into her home. The householder was punched and slapped by one of the unknown intruders, who threatened her with a lump hammer and a knife, whilst being restrained by Kandola. All three men used gaffer tape to bind the victim's wrists, knees and ankles and the second unknown male taped her mouth. The safe was ransacked, stealing the couple's life savings of  £30,000, two watches and a bracelet. The second unknown male threatened to return and kill the victim and her husband if they went to the police.

"This was a terrifying and brutal attack on a defenceless victim in her own home. I would like to pay tribute to her tremendous courage throughout this nightmarish ordeal; and to the bravery she has shown in coming forward and helping the police with the investigation. It is because of her considerable courage that Kandola is in court today, and now facing nine years four months behind bars."