North Yorkshire postmaster found guilty of murdering his wife


Robin Garbutt, of Melsonby, North Yorkshire has been found guilty of bludgeoning his wife, Diana Garbutt, to death and then lying about an attempted robbery to cover his tracks, CPS North Yorkshire said today.

Andrew Moore, District Crown Prosecutor with CPS North Yorkshire:

"Diana Garbutt's life was cut brutally and tragically short. Her family is left to forever mourn her loss. She was violently bludgeoned to death by her husband as she lay sleeping.  It was a callous crime motivated by the basest of human characteristics.

"Robin Garbutt went to great lengths in creating a cover story involving a robber with a gun bludgeoning his wife to death: a story which he maintained throughout the trial - lying about his finances, lying about his relationship with his wife and lying about the robbery - to conceal his appalling crimes.

"We have worked closely with North Yorkshire Police to build a robust prosecution case and secure justice for Diana. Our thoughts are with her family and we hope that today's conviction will bring them some measure of comfort and peace."