Music teacher found guilty of murdering his partner


Andrew Lindo, from Holmfirth, West Yorkshire has been found guilty of murdering his partner, Marie Stewart, the mother of their two young children and was sentenced to serve a minimum of 22 years in prison. Commenting on the verdict, reviewing lawyer Samantha Davidson from CPS Yorkshire and Humberside said:

"Andrew Lindo has been found guilty of murder. On 18 December 2010, he killed Marie Stewart before putting her body in a suitcase and concealing it in the garage of their Holmfirth home.

"Over the weeks that followed, he covered his tracks by sending texts from Marie's phone to her worried family and friends, maintaining the impression that she was not only still alive but had deserted her family and at one point  had  even travelled abroad.  As a result of this cruel deception, Marie's body was not discovered until 13 February 2011.

"His deceit continued.  He admitted that had killed Marie, but in his defence, he inexcusably tried to attack her character. He claimed that her behaviour had caused a sudden loss of self-control, and that he was therefore guilty of manslaughter rather than murder.  In the process, he has forced Marie's family and friends to endure a trial.

"However, the jury saw through his lies and Lindo is now facing a substantial sentence in jail.  He is an accomplished liar who led a double life culminating tragically, in murder.  Our thoughts are with Marie's family and friends at this terrible time and we hope that this verdict can bring them some measure of closure."