17.5year Sentence for the Murder of Laura Wilson


Today, Ashtiaq ‘Ash’ Asghar was sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court for the murder of 17 year old Laura Wilson.

Laura was stabbed and thrown into a canal alive but injured, she was then prevented from hauling herself out. Her body was found in October last year.

Asghar was today sentenced to 17.5years for her murder.

Peter Mann, Head of the Complex Casework Unit for CPS Yorkshire and Humberside, said:

"The violence levelled against Laura Wilson was brutal and merciless. When she was seriously injured and weak she was thrown into the canal. The evidence suggests that the attack continued as she tried to pull herself out of the water.

"From the outset, we worked closely with South Yorkshire Police to ensure all available evidence was placed before the courts

"The prosecution case we built with South Yorkshire police led to a three week trial, at the end of which Ashtiaq Asghar pleaded guilty to this dreadful crime.

"Whilst this will not ease the suffering of Laura's family, we can only hope that one day they will find some comfort in knowing that the person responsible for the death of Laura, their daughter and mother, has been brought to justice."