Man pleads guilty to the murder of Billy Mankelow


A 31-year old man has today pleaded guilty at Leeds Crown Court to the murder of Billy Mankelow whose body was found in a car park in the 'Dark Arches' under Leeds City Railway Station. Richard Danter met the victim on Friday 24 April 2015 in the city's Viaduct Club and they were seen in the club dancing and socialising with each other by witnesses.

At 2.55am on Saturday 24 April, the two left the club and headed towards the Dark Arches area of the city. A short time later the victim was found unconscious by members of the public who were on their way back to their hotel after a night out. They immediately called the emergency services who treated the victim at the scene for severe head injuries.

Mr Mankelow was transferred to the Leeds General Infirmary, but died the following day 26 April 2015 as a result of his injuries.

Following a British Transport Police investigation, Danter was identified as a key suspect and was arrested on 26 April 2015 and later charged with murder.

The defendant will be sentenced on 21 August 2015.

Robin Allen, Senior Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: "Like many people up and down the country, Billy Mankelow had finished work and had gone out on a Friday night to socialise with some friends, however, he had the misfortune of meeting Richard Danter, who had a history of violence.

"Danter left the nightclub with the victim and they ended up by the citys railway arches, and it was there that the defendant carried out a violent and unprovoked attack on the victim."

The defendant then tried to hide what he had done by trying to conceal the body of the victim.

The West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service and British Transport Police have worked closely to build a strong prosecution case against Danter, and having seen the evidence against him, the defendant today admitted murder and he will now have to deal the consequences of his actions.

Our thoughts are today with the family and friends of Billy Mankelow.