Man jailed for five years three months for arson attack on Bradford home


Michael Douglas was jailed for five years three months at Bradford Crown Court today after pouring petrol on a house in Bradford.

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesperson said: "This was a reckless and highly dangerous act, endangering the lives of a family in their own home. The defendant has fully admitted arson, saying that he poured petrol over the house with the intention of setting it on fire, and that he was asked to do this by another male who also paid him to carry out the attack.

"It is only by great good fortune  that the family in the house were not harmed in any way. It takes little imagination to understand that the outcome could have been far worse, especially as the family involved were deaf and it would have been difficult to alert them if the fire had spread. The sentence handed down today is a clear indication of the seriousness with which the criminal justice system views this type of offending."