Khalid and Shafi found guilty of murder of much-loved Huddersfield shopkeeper


Muawaz Khalid and Nabeel Shafi were today found guilty of the brutal murder of Gurmail Singh, a much-loved Huddersfield shopkeeper, the CPS announced today. Khalid and Umare Aslam were found guilty of robbery.

Shoaib Khan  was found not guilty of murder and robbery but had earlier pleaded guilty to assisting an offender.  Rehman Afzal and Shafi had pleaded guilty to robbery at an earlier hearing.

Heather Gilmore, Higher Court Advocate with CPS Yorkshire and Humberside and Junior Counsel in the case said:

"CPS West Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Police consulted closely during a fast-moving investigation and arrest phase and throughout this case to bring these defendants to justice.

"Mr Singh was a much loved husband and father and a highly respected member of the community; an utterly decent man whose brutal murder in February 2010 horrified not just local people, but also the wider public.

"These defendants robbed Mr Singh of his life. They also robbed his family of a much-loved husband, father and brother, and the community of a much liked and highly respected man.

"I would like to pay tribute to Mr Singh's family who have attended each day of the trial and displayed great dignity throughout.  We hope that these convictions bring a measure of comfort to Mr Singh's family and friends."


Notes to Editors

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