Jamie Stuart's Killer Sentenced to Life Imprisonment


Danny Parr (23) has today been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 23 years for the murder of Jamie Stuart.

Jamie was killed last summer on his way home from a party in Parson Cross. Danny Parr was arrested soon after.

In January this year, he was put on trial for murder. However the jury was unable to reach a decision and a retrial was ordered.

Yesterday, a jury found Parr guilty of murder. This morning he was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 23 years. Parr had already entered guilty pleas to other offences relating to witness intimidation and the judge took account of these in passing his sentence.

Gavin Hotchkiss from CPS Yorkshire and Humberside said:

"On the night of his death, Jamie was out enjoying himself. He had hurt no-one yet he was brutally stabbed by Parr who was drunk and had been carrying a knife during the evening of the incident.

"Parr was quickly arrested for the offence, but his criminal activity didn't end there. He went on to conspire with others to intimidate witnesses, including throwing a stone through the window of one witness, and making threats of revenge against witnesses to his associates."

"He bragged about this offence to friends he called from prison, disregarding clear signs that all calls from prison are recorded. These recordings became his downfall. Parrs arrogance helped South Yorkshire Police and the CPS bring an end to his offending and his liberty.

"We can only hope that today's sentence brings a measure of comfort to Jamie's family and gives other witnesses of crime confidence that we will not tolerate any threat against them."

Ashton Moore was also sentenced to six months imprisonment after filming a witness in court.