Jail for Bogus Bradford Solicitor


Khuram Shazad Ali was jailed for four years eight months today after pleading guilty to thirteen offences in relation to his work as a bogus solicitor in Bradford.

Tom Klouda from CPS Yorkshire and Humberside's Complex Casework Unit said:

"Ali acted with astonishing recklessness and a callous disregard for his clients  - whose interests he had been trusted to protect.

"The consequences of his actions were far reaching and sometimes disastrous.  His incompetence and dishonesty in two of the cases meant that his clients were put in a far worse position due to the resulting financial liabilities incurred than would have been the case if they had been represented by a competent solicitor.

"We have worked closely with West Yorkshire Police to bring this defendant to justice and we hope that the sentence handed down today is some small satisfaction to those unfortunate enough to find themselves unwitting victims of his illegal activities."