Internet fraudster sentenced at Grimsby Crown Court


A woman who set up fake profiles on a dating website and conned seven victims out of thousands of pounds has been given an eighteen month sentence suspended for two years at Grimsby Crown Court, the CPS said today. Jane Deans pleaded guilty to seven charges of fraud by false representation at an earlier hearing.

Deans admitted that she set up a fake profile in the name of 'Nikki O'Brian' and claimed to be a slim and beautiful 24-year-old trainee nurse with personal problems and financial difficulties. The men responded and sent her money, totalling over £34,000, which 'Nikki' directed to be paid into her 'Aunt's' account - which was, in fact, Deans'.

CPS Crown Advocate Jeremy Evans said: "Deans mercilessly took advantage of her victims and conned them out of thousands of pounds in the process. This case highlights the dangers of internet use - never offer money to those you meet on the internet - things may not be always as they seem, as this case all too clearly demonstrates.

"The CPS will bring perpetrators of this kind of crime to justice and they will be made to face the consequences of their actions."