Hull man sentenced to eleven years for attempting to murder his wife


Ion Tontu has today been sentenced at Grimsby Crown Court after stabbing his wife eleven times in a jealous rage.

CPS Crown Advocate Jeremy Evans said:  "On 20 July 2016, Ion Tontu attacked his wife of over 20 years in a jealous rage, falsely claiming that she had started a relationship with another man. In a ferocious assault of extreme domestic violence,  he stabbed her some eleven times, inflicting a number of serious internal injuries. Had she not received rapid surgical intervention, they could well have been fatal. She was lucky to escape with her life.

"The evidence against Tontu was overwhelming, and on 6 September, he pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of his wife. We hope that the sentence handed down today is of some comfort to her and we wish her well with her continued recovery."