Hemsworth quadruple fatal crash: Driver, passenger and 'spectators' sentenced


The driver of a Nissan 350z, Daniel Raynor, and his passenger, Matthew Todd, were today both sentenced to nine years at Leeds Crown Court after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to four charges of causing death by dangerous driving. Raynor was disqualified from driving for 15 years and Todd for 10 years.

The charges relate to a fatal crash on 27  September 2015 between an agricultural quad bike and a high powered Nissan 350z car which were racing at high speeds along the Hemsworth bypass in West Yorkshire. Four young people - Brandon Brown, Ryan Beal, Terrie Kirby and Alexandra Binns  -  were killed instantly when the car hit the unlit and overloaded quad bike. Analysis of the car’s satnav indicated it had reached speeds of over 140 miles an hour.

Also present at the scene, and encouraging the racing was a group of  ‘spectators’;  two of whom were found guilty on 11 May at Leeds Crown Court  of encouraging or assisting dangerous driving and nine others pleaded guilty to the same charge at the start of trial. The spectators were sentenced variously, to between 42 weeks' and 12 months' imprisonment.

Ed Hulbert  from the CPS, said: “This was an absolutely appalling tragedy. Four young people had their lives cut short, needlessly, by individuals who participated in reckless timed racing on the Hemsworth Bypass, encouraged by a group of ‘spectators'.

“Working with the police, we were able to build a very strong case, and eleven of the defendants, including the driver and passenger in the car, pleaded guilty before trial. We were able to demonstrate that those present were actively encouraging the dangerous driving which ultimately caused the death of four young people.

“The tragic deaths in this case will hopefully act as a deterrent to people who drive in this reckless and dangerous way. If that is not deterrent enough, the sentences handed down today should send a strong message to them, whether they are actively participating in the criminality  or actively encouraging it."


  • Ed Hulbert is a Senior Crown Prosecutor with CPS Yorkshire and Humberside

Charges and sentences:

Causing death by dangerous driving:

  • Daniel Raynor: Nine years
  • Matthew Todd: Nine years

Encouraging or assisting dangerous driving:

  • Stephen Hebden 12 months
  • Nathan Jackson, 12 months
  • Gemma Layton, 42 weeks
  • Jason Ogilvie, 46 weeks
  • Andrew Kirkwood, 42 weeks
  • Clarke Henfrey, 46 weeks
  • Samuel Rowley, adjourned to enable completion exams
  • Mark Mason, 46 weeks
  • Jack Dickinson-Ellis, 46 weeks
  • Jake Hackleton, 46 weeks
  • Jacob Ward, 46 weeks