Halifax man sentenced to three years for benefit fraud


Paul Burnett was sentenced today to three years’ imprisonment on 20 charges of fraud, relating to the claiming of £222,242 in state benefits to which he was not entitled. Burnett also hijacked the identity of a number of individuals in order fraudulently to claim benefits in other names.

Nicola Wheeler, Unit Head from the Crown Prosecution Services Serious Fraud Division said:

"This is an appalling case of professional benefit fraud, meticulously planned and carried out over nearly two decades.

"From 1996 to the date of his arrest in April 2013 Paul Burnett orchestrated a campaign of deception and dishonesty on an industrial scale in order to claim over £220,000 in a range of state benefits to which he was not entitled.

"He not only dishonestly claimed state benefits in his own name, but also hijacked the identities of a number of other people, who were targeted by the defendant because he knew that they had either died or had emigrated from England to live abroad."