Halifax Care Home pair jailed for 12 months


The owner and manager of Elm View care home in Halifax were jailed for 12 months after a jury found they had neglected elderly residents.

"Through not taking appropriate action, many residents developed pressure sores, or experienced rapid worsening of existing sores. These were  not treated properly, and the worst cases were  not reported, as they should have been, for specialised external nursing treatment. As a result these elderly people were left in conditions of  unrelieved discomfort and some must have been suffering considerable pain.

"Neglect is a difficult charge to prove, as it involves a state of continuing inaction, rather than a clear incident of abuse. However, after a careful analysis of the evidence, we judged that we had a strong enough case to meet the test set out in the code for Crown Prosecutors, and to put before a court. As a result, Simpson and Bentley have been held publically accountable for their failings.

"Finally, I would like to thank the witnesses who bravely came forward to give evidence. These elderly people could not act on their own behalf. I am glad that, with the help of these witnesses, we have been able to bring Simpson and Bentley to justice for the suffering they allowed to take place behind the doors of Elm View nursing home. It sends out a clear message that this type of abuse of the elderly and vulnerable will not be tolerated, and where we have sufficient evidence, we will not hesitate to take action."