Grimsby man sentenced for brutal assault on his 93 year old mother


Joseph Kaczowski has been sentenced to a hospital order at Grimsby Crown Court today, after he pleaded guilty to a charge of grievous bodily harm with intent. In July 2015 he viciously attacked his elderly mother following an argument over taking his medication.

Initially the defendant indicated he would plead guilty to a lesser offence, but  this was not acceptable to the CPS  and the case was listed for trial. At the pre-trial hearing on 7 October, the defendant pleaded guilty to a Section 18 assault grievous bodily harm with intent.

Jeremy Evans, Crown Advocate, CPS Yorkshire and Humberside, said:

"The circumstances of this case are deeply distressing. Following an argument about his medication, the defendant brutally attacked his helpless, elderly mother. He punched and kicked her repeatedly.  He covered her with a duvet and jumped on her. She lost consciousness a number of times. She was hospitalised with intensive, widespread bruising and swelling.  The paramedic who attended said it was the worst incident of its kind he had ever seen.

"Kaczkowski has shown no remorse for his actions.  His behaviour in the aftermath was chilling in its detachment.

"The consequences for his elderly lady mother have been catastrophic.  She can no longer live independently and she has had to leave her home of 52 years and move into a care home as she no longer  feels safe. She is now registered blind, and her hearing has deteriorated since the incident.

"Kaczowski has now been sentenced, and our thoughts remain with Mrs Kaczowski and the rest of her family, in the wake of this tragic incident."