Grimsby landlord sentenced to two years nine months following angle grinder incident


William Clarke has today been sentenced to two years nine months in jail after breaking into his tenant's property armed with an angle grinder and claw hammer, threatening to kill the occupants and smashing up their belongings, in retribution for a late rent payment.

CPS Crown Advocate Jeremy Evans said: "William Clarke has put the victim, his tenant, and her two sons in considerable fear for their safety. Having first made threats to her over the telephone, following a delayed rent payment, he subsequently arrived at the victims' home, late at night, armed with an angle grinder and claw hammer. 

"He forced his way into the property, threatening to kill one of the young men and proceeded to trash the ground floor rooms, and smash up ornaments and electrical equipment.

"He has expressed no remorse for his actions and has not expressed any empathy for the complainants.  His behaviour was utterly disgraceful and incomprehensible to any right-minded person. I hope the sentence today provides some comfort to his three victims."