Grimsby: Former Housing Association manager sentenced for fraud


Steven Neul, a former senior manager at Shoreline Housing Partnership, in Grimsby, has today been sentenced to 30 months in prison after pleading guilty to fraud and money laundering, having defrauded the housing association of nearly £174,000.

Jeremy Evans, Crown Advocate with CPS Yorkshire and Humberside said: "Neul placed orders for 160 iPhones and 177 iPads, supposedly on behalf of his employer, Shoreline, worth almost £174,000, later selling them on for his own personal gain.

"This was a flagrant breach of trust and authority which resulted in a substantial loss for the housing charity and we have applied for a Proceeds of Crime order to recover the funds. The sentence handed down today sends out a clear message that this type of offending will be prosecuted with the utmost rigour."