Grimsby: Former employee sentenced to 28 months for theft of over £137,000


James Cartledge, a former manager with Premier Seafoods Ltd, Grimsby, has today been sentenced to 28 months in prison after pleading guilty to stealing over £137,000 from his employer over a two and a half year period.

Jeremy Evans, Crown Advocate with CPS Yorkshire and Humberside said: "Following initial denials, Cartledge accepted stealing money but for the previous 12 months only. He attempted to implicate three other people, only to retract these accusations later. Police investigations uncovered evidence of substantial cash spending on luxury goods and family holidays.

"This was a shocking breach of trust which resulted in a substantial loss for this local business. Cartledge not only systematically stole vast sums from his employer, he also sought to implicate three other, entirely innocent, individuals. We have applied for a Proceeds of Crime order to recover the funds. The sentence handed down today sends out a clear message that this type of offending will be prosecuted with the utmost rigour."