Former South Yorkshire policeman sentenced to 12 months for misconduct in public office


A former South Yorkshire policeman, Adrian Pogmore has today been sentenced to 12 months in prison at Sheffield Crown Court. Pogmore pleaded guilty to four charges of misconduct in public office on the first day of his trial. Four other men were found not guilty of the same offence.

Adrian Pogmore was a member of the crew of a South Yorkshire Police helicopter. He used a powerful  onboard camera to make recordings on four occasions between 2007 and 2012 of people involved in private activity - two of people sunbathing naked, one of a couple of naturists and one of a couple having sex in their back garden.

Michael Quinn from the CPS said: "The police helicopter is a valuable resource and one which properly deployed justifies its vast cost and operating expense.

"It is utterly deplorable that the helicopter was misused by this defendant for his own gratification and amusement. 

"It need hardly be said that this was a gross violation of the privacy of those members of the public filmed, as well as a significant misuse of the helicopter and its equipment. It is hard to imagine a greater or more inappropriate breach of trust."


Michael Quinn is a Senior District Crown Prosecutor with CPS Yorkshire and Humberside.