Father Convicted of Baby Daughter's Manslaughter


Today, 32 year old Mark Lackenby has been found guilty of causing his five week old daughter’s death.

Ruby was with her father Mark when he lost his football bet and lashed out. She died as a result of her injuries.

CPS Lawyer Sue Steeples said: "Mark Lackenby had his night planned.  He came home to his tea on the table, beers in the fridge and a football match on the television. He'd bet on the football and stood to win if the match went his way.

"Ruby, his five week old daughter, was next to him on the sofa whilst her mother Gemma went in the bath.

"When a goal was scored against Mark's team, we believe he lost his temper and lashed out at Ruby. We don't know specifically what happened to Ruby but we do know that it resulted in a brain injury which led to her death.

"We charged Mark with murder, and the jury were told that if they did not believe it was murder they should consider whether it was manslaughter.

"The jury found that Mark had caused her death but had not intended to cause her serious injury and therefore as the law requires found him guilty of manslaughter. We fully accept their decision and hope that this verdict offers some comfort to those who loved Ruby."