Domestic abuser sentenced to life for attempted murder of his girlfriend


Oliver Mayes was today sentenced to life with a minimum term of seven and a half years at Hull Crown Court for the attempted murder of his then girlfriend, Krissy Connolly, following an horrific attack at their home on the evening of 19 May 2016. Mayes pleaded guilty at a hearing on 12 August 2016 to her attempted murder and the wounding with intent of a friend who witnessed the incident.

As a result of the attack, Ms Connolly has brain damage so serious that it is unlikely she will ever be able to live independently again and is scarred for life from the multiple knife wounds she suffered.

CPS Principal Crown Advocate Jonathan Sharp said: "Mayes launched a ferocious assault on his girlfriend at their home following an argument, in a violent attack of shocking brutality. He stamped on her head at least six times; and then repeatedly slashed her face and neck, inflicting horrific injuries. He also stabbed a friend who was present throughout the incident. His injuries appear to have been relatively superficial.

"Her injuries are life-changing; for the victim  herself, and also for her family. Due to the severity of the brain injuries, it is unlikely she will ever be able to live independently again.

"This is one of the most extreme incidents of domestic violence I have ever prosecuted. It is abundantly clear that Mayes poses a serious danger to women and the life sentence he will be serving sends out a clear message that we will robustly prosecute those who inflict violence against women.

"I would urge anyone suffering any form of abuse at the hands of their partner to have the courage to contact the police."