Domestic abuser sentenced to 30 months for kidnap of former partner


Kye Green was sentenced to 30 months in jail at Grimsby Crown Court today for an offence against his former partner.

Crown Prosecution Service Crown Advocate Jeremy Evans said: "Kye Green has today been sentenced to thirty months in prison. This man presents a serious and significant risk of harm to women. He is a  violent domestic abuser who intimidated his victim and sought to assert ultimate control over her when she ended their relationship.

"He first used verbal threats and then escalated to physical violence, culminating in a terrifying incident in which he bound her legs and locked her in his house.

"The victim has displayed great courage and presence of mind in managing to escape from this situation and report the matter to the police. I hope that  the sentence handed down today, and the knowledge that this dangerous individual is now behind bars, is of some comfort to her."