Dangerous Driver Sentenced for Death of Taxi Driver


A 30 year old man has today been jailed for a string of serious driving offences, one of which resulted in the death of father of five Mohammed Yousaf.

Paul Pilotille pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified, handling stolen goods and aggravated vehicle taking.

He was sentenced to a minimum term of seven years imprisonment and disqualified from driving for ten years. He will have to take a higher standard driving test before he will be licensed to drive again.

Lawyer in the case Bashir Ahmed said: "In June this year, Pilotille stole a BMW from Kirkstall Road, Leeds and sped through the city's streets. He drove through a speed camera in a 30mph residential zone on the junction of Kirkstall Road and St Anne's Rise. The camera recorded a speed of 90mph.

"Soon after, he turned on to Argie Avenue towards the city centre. Mr Mohammed, a father of five, was manoeuvring his taxi in the road. Pilotille ploughed into the taxi at 55mph. He failed to stop at the scene or to even report the incident which may have allowed Mr Yousaf to receive medical treatment.

"Mr Yousaf had been looking forward to attending his daughter's graduation in July but sadly never made it as he died of his injuries.

"The Yousaf family attended court today to see justice served for their husband and father. No sentence will fully ease the pain they must be suffering but we can only hope they find some small measure of comfort in today's sentence."

Pilotille also pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicle taking.

Mr Ahmed continued: "On the 9th November 2011 a Channel Four film crew had just finished filming for the 'Secret Millionaire' TV program in Hunslet, Leeds when Pilotille jumped into one of the crew's cars and drove off, taking the 'Secret Millionaire' Mr David King with him. Mr King was able to jump from the car to safety just 150 yards down the road.

"We welcome today's sentence and believe that the streets of Leeds are a safer place with Paul Pilotille behind bars."