CPS response to HMCPSI report on CPS Yorkshire and Humberside


The in-depth inspection focussed on casework undertaken in West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire and on how CPS Yorkshire and Humberside is structured and managed. The inspectors were on-site during February and March 2011.

In response to the report, Martin Goldman, Chief Crown Prosecutor of CPS Yorkshire and Humberside says:

"I accept that the report is an honest and accurate assessment of our position at the time of the inspection conducted in February and March this year.  However, much has changed since then. Whilst I recognise the need to improve, it's also important to recognise that many of our outcomes are higher than the national average.

"We've now introduced a number of measures to improve quality and efficiency.

"We're challenging quality at every opportunity. We have introduced rigorous checks and feedback to all staff to ensure we learn lessons and improve wherever possible.

"Our new structure, which brings the four counties of Yorkshire and Humberside together as a single entity, has allowed us to make a number of efficiencies. We've centralised some key functions including our storage facility, finance and performance and weve merged the two Complex Casework Units. This is already delivering a better service with a more standardised approach, improved skill levels and reduced duplication.

"We're also working closely with the police and the courts to identify and remove any inefficiency from our joint systems. We're actively working together to push the digital agenda which will help the whole criminal justice service achieve a higher level of quality.

"This will ensure all of our systems complement each other so we can work together to achieve the best possible outcome for victims and witnesses of crime."