CPS Prosecutors Tackle Crime Against Businesses in Wakefield


The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has got together with local business initiative Wakefield Area Business Against Crime (WBAC), West Yorkshire Police and Wakefield Metropolitan District Council Anti-Social Behaviour Unit to exclude persistent offenders from local businesses in the Wakefield District.

Yvette Levy, CPS Community Team Prosecutor said:

"The scheme will focus on individuals who have been identified as being responsible for a significantly high proportion of offending and anti-social behaviour in the Wakefield District. It sends out a strong message to such people that their criminal behaviour will not be tolerated.

"If an individual offends, whilst subject to an exclusion notice, our prosecutors will inform the Magistrates Court of the existence of the Exclusion Notice where it is likely to be viewed as an aggravating feature of the case which could attract a higher penalty. It could also be used to  support an application for an ASBO."

Steve Hunt from WBAC said:

"The aim of the scheme is to deal with persistent and prolific thieves and troublemakers, by excluding them from the shops, stores and businesses run by the Wakefield Area Business Against Crime initiative.

"Individuals who either commit a single offence requiring an immediate response, or where there is a series of incidents that suggest an exclusion order is appropriate will receive a notice banning them from the area.

"Normally this behaviour will involve theft, violence towards staff or anti-social behaviour. We want to ensure that staff are protected, fear of crime is reduced and that Wakefield becomes a safer place to work in and invest in."