Community prosecutor goes out on patrol


The Crown Prosecution Service's Community Prosecutor, Gaynor Zeki, went out on patrol with Inspector Richard Close of Wakefield Central Neighbourhood Policing Team on Saturday night.

The aim was to get a first hand insight into the real crime and disorder issues affecing local people.

Gaynor said:

"My role as Community Prosecutor is to make sure that the voices of local people are heard when we are making charging decisions, when we're prosecuting cases in court, and when criminals are sentenced.

"So I decided I needed to get out and about on local streets with the neighbour policing teams, so I could see for myself first hand what the issues are at street level, how they are tackled, and what kind of effect they are having on the lives of the people who live here.

"At the CPS we'll continue to work closely with the police to ensure the community not only see us, but better understand what we do, so that they can tell us what issues are most affecting them and the communities they live in. This information is invaluable to us when making charging decisions, when prosecuting cases, and at sentencing hearings."