Chief Prosecutor Urges Victims of Domestic Violence to Come Forward


Chief Crown Prosecutor Martin Goldman is renewing his appeal to victims of domestic violence, to reflect on 2012 and to see the New Year as a new start. He is urging victims to have the confidence to make a call to the police and put the whole weight of the criminal justice system behind them.

Martin said: "Over the Christmas period, we spend more time with family, feel more financial strain and consume more alcohol. This is a toxic combination for those suffering domestic abuse.

"Victims will have suffered and may be relieved to see their partner go back to work, to get their children to the safety of school or just to have the space to think at work or at home.

"I'm appealing to those people to act now and we will act with you. Last year 83% of all domestic violence cases taken to court in Humberside resulted in a conviction. That is 1145 victims (and their families) who have been able to move on with their lives. You could be one of those people if you come forward and speak to the police."

Martin is keen to ensure male victims of domestic violence feel as supported as women.

He added: "We are acutely aware that both men and women can suffer domestic violence or abuse in a number of forms. Last year, we successfully prosecuted 82% (69) of the women we took to court for domestic violence related offences.

"Domestic Violence is the physical, psychological, sexual, emotional or financial abuse that has a particularly damaging effect on the victim and allows the abuser to control. Anyone can be the victim. Domestic violence occurs throughout society, amongst people of all genders, ethnicities, sexualities, ages, disabilities, immigration statuses, social backgrounds, religions or beliefs.

"Whilst there is no specific profile there is evidence to suggest that teenagers in relationships are more at risk of domestic violence than others - this may be a new generation of victims waiting in the wings.

"We must act now to ensure their safety. In part this is why I want to be clear about what the public can expect from us. Year on year the national average for successful prosecutions in cases of domestic violence is increasing and every year in Humberside we exceed this figure. Last year 83% of all prosecutions relating to domestic violence resulted in a conviction. This is 10% above the national average. We're on track to achieve this again this year with more than 740 people already convicted."