Ceri Shipman sentenced to 2.5 years for perverting the course of justice


Ceri Shipman has today been sentenced to 2.5years for perverting the course of justice in a case involving her partner Jason Savage.

Ceri produced a fictitious facebook account to make it appear that the two women who had accused her partner of a series of sexual and violent offences had lied in court.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Michael Waudby said:

"What Ceri Shipman did goes against the heart of the criminal justice system. Dissatisfied with the outcome of a Crown Court trial involving her boyfriend Jason Savage, she tried to change it in a calculating and devious manner. She sought to undermine the stories of two of her partner's victims, firstly by creating fictitious Facebook accounts in their names and then recording false conversations on those accounts which implied the women had lied at the trial of Jason Savage. This information was then passed to the police.

"Initially the accounts were so believable that the police had to instigate a criminal investigation against the two victims, which involved their arrest and questioning at a police station. It soon became apparent however that Ms Shipman was involved and an early analysis of her computer revealed criminal behaviour.

"Obtaining the evidence to prove exactly what Ms Shipman had done still proved to be complex and took time as we worked closely with Humberside Police as well as Facebook and MSN in the USA.

"When the evidence was put to Ms Shipman she denied any wrongdoing but eventually had to accept that the case against her was so overwhelming that she was left with no alternative but to plead guilty, and she has now been sentenced by the Crown Court to two and a half years imprisonment.

"It's disturbing to think that anyone could put victims of violent and sexual abuse through further torment but Ceri Shipman decided to take on the criminal justice system. She has failed and now, like her partner, finds herself having to serve a prison sentence."