CCP Martin Goldman Speaks Out Against Drug Driving


Martin Goldman, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Yorkshire and Humberside speaks out in support of Bradford Community Safety Partnership’s Drugs Prevention Week.

Martin said:

 "At the CPS we know only too well the catastrophic consequences that can be caused by drink or drug driving.   We have seen many tragic cases where drugs or alcohol have led to a death or really serious injury by dangerous or careless driving. The impact on victims and their families last a lifetime and are always devastating.

"As prosecutors, we hear about the impact of crime on peoples lives from Victims' Personal Statements. These are the victims opportunity to tell the court how the crime has affected them.  In over twenty years as a prosecutor, I have heard enough of these to know that drinking or taking drugs and then driving does wreck lives.

"The victims are nearly always members of the public who get tragically injured or killed without warning.  It could happen to anyone - and any family - at any time.

"Nobody wants to see another shattered life or grieving family.  This is why I fully support the excellent awareness-raising work being undertaken this week in Bradford.  Hopefully it will make  people think - think about the appalling damage you could do - and what could be waiting for you at court."

Councillor Imran Hussain, Executive Member for Safer and Stronger Communities and Deputy Leader of Bradford Council added:

"Using illegal drugs is a criminal offence. Driving whilst under the influence of drugs compounds the offence and can have devastating consequences. You could kill or maim yourself or someone else. Don't do it."