Bradford pair get total of 11 years for fraud and money laundering offences


(R V Michael Gary Standing And Jane Noonan). CPS Announces Assets Over +£500,000 To Be Seized Under The Proceeds Of Crime Act.

A Bradford couple are facing substantial prison sentences after being found guilty at an earlier hearing of multiple charges of drug dealing and money laundering, CPS has announced today.

Michael Standing who was found guilty of 14 charges of drug dealing and money laundering, in January was sentenced today to eight and a half years in prison; and his partner Jane Noonan who was found guilty of four charges of money laundering and sentenced to two and a half years in prison. The CPS will use the Proceeds of Crime Act to seize the considerable proceeds of their criminal activities, amounting to over half a million pounds.

Standing and Noonan, who claimed to have an income of less than £5,000, despite living a very comfortable lifestyle, claimed nearly £26,000  in Working Tax Credit, and Child Tax Credit between 2004 and 2008. Additionally Noonan claimed nearly £31,000 in Income Support between 2001 and 2007. 

The size of the fraud, as well as evidence of further criminal activity, was discovered when the bank accounts of the couple were examined after they had been observed supplying cannabis from their home address.

In addition to owning a large house in Wrose Road, Shipley, the couple operated numerous bank accounts, four of which were of particular interest to the prosecution. The accounts were found to have received cash credits totalling  £266,646 which was far in excess of the couple's declared income and benefit payments.  Considerable amounts were transferred from and between these accounts at various times. The clear inference is that this money represented the proceeds of criminal activity.

CPS Prosecutor and POCA specialist, Julian Briggs said:

"We are delighted with this result, and that Noonan and Standing are now facing 11 years behind bars for their crimes. 

"Not only did they dishonestly claim benefits to which they were not entitled, they were clearly engaged in criminal activity on a large scale.  We worked closely with West Yorkshire Police and financial investigation specialists to build a robust case to bring before the court.

"This result sends a clear message that the CPS will not only vigorously prosecute criminals like Noonan and Standing, but also make every effort to seize the proceeds of their criminal activities."