A 'Lotto' Money to be Returned under Proceeds of Crime Act


A Sheffield drug dealer who claimed to have only £300 to his name despite accepting that he pocketed £22,000 from his criminal activities has been made to pay up.

Redley Farrier, 23, was sentenced to 40 weeks imprisonment in 2010 for growing cannabis and possessing the drug with intent to supply. He claimed that his only fortune was the £335 he had when he was arrested but agreed in court that he gained around £22,000 through his crimes.

But, police later discovered that Farrier had struck lucky on a National Lottery Birthday Bonus Scratchcard which gave him a guaranteed £10,000 every birthday for ten years.

At a hearing, held in Farrier's absence, at Sheffield Crown Court Judge Moore ordered that he hand over his assets of £9,761 held in a frozen bank account and the £335 found upon his arrest. 

Failure to pay the full amount within 56 days would leave Farrier facing a 12 month custodial sentence.
POCA Enforcement Prosecutor Victoria Townshend said:

"The Court have decided that Redley Farrier has benefited from crime to the value of £22,000.00 and therefore it is only right that he has to pay that back. It does not matter that that comes from money he's since obtained honestly. He has a debt, he should repay it. He may feel aggrieved about it, but it's justice for the wider community.

"The scratch card will continue to pay out on Farrier's birthday every year for ten years, and we'll keep taking this money from him until every penny is paid. We are looking forward to his next birthday, probably more than he is."