Infatuated Friend Found Guilty of Manslaughter


Martin Vernarsky, from Czech Republic has been found guilty of the manslaughter of Ildiko Dohany, from Hungary.

The pair, both living in Sheffield, met through work and became friends. But for some time, Vernarsky had convinced himself that there was more to their relationship.

Commenting on today's verdict, reviewing lawyer Gavin Hotchkiss from CPS Yorkshire and Humberside said:

"Martin Vernarsky was infatuated with Ildiko. He was in daily contact with her, gave her his life savings and planned to go with her to Hungary to attend her sister's wedding.

"By the beginning of September he realised Ildiko did not share his infatuation. He was accessing her email account on a regular basis, in fact over 800 times in the three days before the morning of her death.

"On the morning of her death when he was waiting for her to collect him and start their journey to Hungary he accessed her email account more than 20 times.

"He had seen numerous emails which suggested Ildiko was involved in a sexual relationship with another man whom she had also invited to attend the wedding.

"Her rejection of him and her relationship with another was the catalyst for his attack. He strangled her in the street and pushed her into the back of her car before calling his landlord, not an ambulance or the police.

"It was a difficult case, Ildiko died in a cul-de-sac in the early hours of the morning, there were no witnesses and no forensic evidence but working with the police we were able to build a strong case, proving his account was built on lies and showing he was responsible for her death.
"From the moment Ildiko died, Vernarsky lied about his relationship with her, his whereabouts and his involvement. Every lie he told assisted the prosecution and the jury were able to see through his lies and convict him of her killing.

"We can only hope Ildiko's family and those that loved her find some comfort in knowing the man responsible for her death has been brought to justice."