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Man charged after Little Star Nursery investigation
Man guilty of New Years day murder
Man pleads guilty to online child sex offence
CPS statement on Paul Luckman
Man charged with attempted murder
Man sentenced for killing brother in law
Charging changes cut red tape
Man guilty of raping stranger
Man sentenced to life for sexual offences
Man sentenced to life for murdering his partner
CPS Statement - Gareth Compton
CPS Charging statement – Marc Price
Imam guilty or rape and sexual activity
Retracting rape and domestic violence allegations
Father guilty of murdering daughter
Four people charged with obtaining mortgages by fraud
Man guilty of stabbing wife to death at family home
Men sentenced for serious fraud
Man guilty of town centre stabbing
Father guilty of murder and attempted murder after driving car into river
Andrew Bayliss found guilty of murdering a taxi driver
Criminals payback £2.4m in Staffordshire
Former teacher sentenced to 14 months imprisonment for possessing indecent images
Two men sentenced for bank robbery
Insufficient evidence to charge parents with death of daughter
Charging announcement - Cory Youlden
Cash-in-transit van robbers jailed
Chief prosecutor to leave CPS West Mercia
Paul Hughes sentenced to 15 years for attempted murder of childhood friend
Charging Announcement - Kylie Jones
Five year sentence for drunken assault
Senior prosecutor takes up new appointment in West Mercia
Three family members jailed for manslaughter of mother’s boyfriend
Jury Returns Mixed Verdicts In Triple Murder Trial
Stafford fraudster forced to pay back over £400,000
Paul Wilson sentenced to life imprisonment for 46 sexual offences on 23 young girls
Criminals In West Mercia Made To Pay Back £2 million
Two charged with three counts of murder following deaths in Winson Green, Birmingham
CPS decision to summons Network Rail and signalman over alleged health and safety breaches
CPS statement on sentences at Birmingham Crown Court arising from disorder
Christine Hemming found guilty of burglary
Youth sentenced for arson at sheltered home in Rugby
Two people charged with immigration offences
Man charged with kidnap and sexual assault of a 10 year-old child
A solider and a former paramedic found guilty of rape and sexual assaults
West Midlands CPS to launch guidance on Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities
Burglar and his partner ordered to repay ill gotten gains
Criminals forced to pay back
Four men jailed for life for the murder of a shopkeeper
CPS extradites murder suspect from Ireland
Man sentenced to life Imprisonment for the murder of his neighbour
Man charged with making and possessing indecent images
Three men charged with the murder of Richard Deakins
CPS authorises charge of murder over death of Avtar and Carole Kolar
Priest found guilty of abusing young children
Wolverhampton man ordered to pay back £500,000
Fall in hate crime across the West Midlands
Man found guilty of unprovoked attack on 84 year old pensioner
Guilty verdict in Wolverhampton double murder trial
Three people sentenced to 76 years for the murder of Ricky Basra
Care worker sentenced for assaulting 84 year-old nursing home resident
21 year-old female sentenced for stealing £1,000 from pensioner
Man in court over excavator death
Burglar sentenced to life for the murder of pensioner
George Lord pleads guilty to further sexual abuse offences
Drunk driver sentenced to six years for causing the death of elderly couple
Charging statement – Paul Slattery
Couple charged with the murder of four year-old boy
A 20 year-old male found guilty of assaulting a disabled man
Failed kidnapper sentenced to three years
Karl Burman sentenced to life for killing his partner and chopping up her body
Couple sentenced to 19½ years for sex trafficking offences
Man found guilty of robbing a visually impaired woman
Man charged with a multi-million pound fraud
Conman who stole £160,000 from a pensioner is jailed
Charging Statement – Cedric Anthony Brown
Charging Statement - Charlotte Frazier–Doody
Five men sentenced to 58 years imprisonment for the death of Jesse Richards
Romanian national found guilty of murdering Birmingham man
Charging announcement - Michael Jackson
West Midlands to host Safeguarding and Disability Harassment Forum
Criminals hit in the pocket
14 people charged with large scale drugs offences
Further nine men charged in relation to Operation Active
CPS Statement - Craig Robinson
Criminals in the West Midlands forced to payback £6.3million
Two men sentenced to 15 years for the manslaughter of pensioner
Sixth person found guilty of shooting at police during summer disorder
Family members found guilty of the murder of pregnant woman
Man sentenced to life for murder at boxing event
CPS Statement: Operation Pointer
Man sentenced to life for murdering drinking partner
Martin Stafford found guilty of murder
Birmingham dentist found guilty of NHS fraud
Two brothers found guilty of sexual offences
Son found guilty of the murder of his mother
Two men jailed for £1million armed robbery
Armed robbers sentenced to 16 years imprisonment
Mother charged with attempting to murder her baby
Six men sentenced to 17 years for multi-million pound fraud
Men will not face charges over allegations of Female Genital Mutilation
Three people jailed for stealing a hospital power cable
Man pleads guilty of impersonating a doctor
Nursery worker given 12 community order for assaulting toddlers
Ex-Councillor given suspended sentence for racial abuse
Police sex assault campaign challenges offenders
Lengthy sentences handed to two men for riots shooting
Operation Nemesis: 12 sentenced
Area wins national awards
Portuguese national sentenced for sex attacks
Teacher sentenced for child abduction
Former boxer jailed for manslaughter
Michael Jackson jailed for kidnap and child sex assault
Bomb hoaxer found guilty of taking nurse hostage
Coventry man sentenced to life for the murder of student
Hunt Master guilty of racially abusing hunt protestor
Increase in Hate Crime convictions in the West Midlands
16 year-old boy found guilty of manslaughter
Neighbour guilty of killing 92 year-old pensioner
Trio jailed after firearms supply chain smashed
Brother and sister jailed for iPad thefts
Care support worker to pay back money stolen from disabled man
Man found guilty of trying to kill a police officer
Balbir Singh’s killers jailed for 39 years
Man sentenced to life for killing friend
Catherine Pegg found guilty of dangerous driving
Railway metal theft gang jailed
Men jailed for Burntwood gun murder
Driver jailed for revenge attack on victim
Who says crime pays?
Woman jailed for life for killing her partner
Two men found guilty of sexually abusing a girl
Teacher jailed for 32 months for child sex offences
Police officer pleads guilty to forgery
Parish Councillor jailed for child sex offences
Coach driver sentenced to six years in jail for deaths on motorway
Man jailed for the manslaughter of Birmingham student
Community order for man who harassed Commons Clerk
Darren Aston jailed for five years for defrauding elderly couple
Network Rail and signalman found guilty of Health and Safety violations
Man jailed for killing friend
Two sentenced for sexually abusing young girl
Man jailed for stealing over 200 drain covers
Drugs gang jailed for 80 years
Man found guilty of murdering casino winner
Man guilty of raping care centre patient
Youths who assaulted cyclists are sentenced
Man guilty killing wife’s friend
West Midlands Proceeds of Crime Unit are hitting criminals where it hurts – their wallets
Man guilty of stabbing woman to death
Man guilty of street murder
Banned driver jailed over crash which killed friend
Men guilty of drive-by shooting
Husband guilty of murdering his wife
Two sentenced for drug offences
Gang convicted of killing businessman
Stoke councillor charged with theft
Treasurer pleads guilty to stealing £20,000
Anti-Corruption investigation leads to brothel charges for WMP officer
Two charged over the death of Emma Shaw
Piotr Naja jailed for killing his sister-in-law
Footballer and boxer sentenced for assault
Woman pleads guilty to pushing friend off bridge
Man jailed for stabbing to death friend
Sleep deprived driver jailed for fatal RTA
Husband pleads guilty to murdering wife
Life for Shane Watson killers
Pub landlord sentenced for racially abusing patron
Charging announcement: Alan Marks charged with dangerous driving
Sleep walking driver banned for dangerous driving
Mother will not be prosecuted over fatal RTA
Man jailed for defrauding football clubs
Boyfriend jailed for life for murdering his girlfriend
Parents plead guilty to the death of their child
Gunman given 18 years for Redditch car park shooting
Mother convicted of Keanu Williams murder
Devandra Singh sentenced to life for murdering his wife
Bank employee jailed for fraud
Wesley Williams charged with murdering a mother and her son
Gang guilty of £1m fraud
King jailed for 2009 murder
Police, NHS and CPS sign deal to protect NHS staff in Midlands
Specialist court set up for victims of domestic violence
Councillor to face no further action on Facebook postings
Guilty verdict on Tipton pub brawl murder
Man jailed for attempting to kill his partner
Ex-social worker jailed for historical sex offences
Cable theft gang jailed for 10 years
Driving test examiners took bribes to pass learner drivers
Teenager jailed for killing off duty police officer
Couple found guilty of murdering four-year-old Daniel Pelka
Drug smuggler jailed for six years
Anthony Hall sentenced to life for murder
Horse trader guilty of animal cruelty
Man pleads guilty of killing school girl on a bus
Couple jailed for robbing 91-year-old victim
Biker jailed for fatal crash
Prison officer and prisoner charged with drug dealing
New court sees increase in domestic violence convictions
John Ward sentenced to life for double manslaughter
Gang of burglars jailed for 42 years
Killer of sex worker jailed for life
Husband guilty of murdering wife in ‘honour’ crime
Discarded toothbrush leads to gang leader’s jailing
Alan Evans guilty of killing wife
Man guilty of killing friend with replica Lord of the Ring sword
Driver given 12 month conditional discharge for killing man in petrol forecourt
Life sentence for arsonist who killed pensioner
Jail for burglar who stole daughter’s ashes
Man fined following dog attack on neighbours
Street robber sentenced to 11 years for manslaughter
Illegal weapons importer jailed
Two women jailed for house fire death
Woman guilty of stealing car badges
Man jailed for life for killing ex-partner and her baby
Woman jailed for arranging a contract killing
Employee jailed for life for the manslaughter of his employer
Two men jailed for life for killing Coventry man
Gunman jailed for fatal pub shooting
EDL supporters sentenced to 60 years for Walsall disorder
Georgia Williams murderer jailed for life
Jail for woman who invented stories to secure payouts on fraudulent claims
Postal worker jailed for fraud
Man convicted of owning dangerous dogs
Ex- teacher handed suspended sentence for abuse
Football coach jailed for child abuse
Bishop jailed for stealing church funds
21 men jailed for Nuneaton football disorder
Post office armed robber jailed
Gang jailed for 14 years for Co-op store robberies
Care worker guilty of stealing from vulnerable residents
Motorist found guilty of killing cyclist
GP convicted of filming up women’s skirts
Knifeman given indefinite hospital order for mosque stabbings
Conman convicted of theft
Prosecutors join Day of Action against female genital mutilation
Life sentence to husband for murdering wife
Driver jailed for pedestrian crossing killing
Teenager jailed for the manslaughter of Redditch man
Nurse convicted for failing to give medication to patients
Woman given suspended prison sentence for immigration scam
Man charged with attacking Home Office and MP’s websites
Footballer convicted of attacking referee
Teenager sentenced to life for murder of 16-year-old student
Man jailed for life for the murder of Stephen Paynter
Airline passenger jailed for being drunk and abusive on plane
Wrong way M5 driver given suspended jail sentence
Man jailed for making hoax bomb call to university
Workman guilty in connection with the death of Emma Shaw
Youth sentenced to life for fatal park stabbing
Driver admits causing death of pensioner due to careless driving
Husband convicted of killing his wife and burning her corpse
CoCon artist convicted of holiday scam
Driver found guilty of killing pedestrian on A4150
Man jailed for stalking ex-girlfriend in days before her death
Chief Prosecutor announces his retirement
Business man jailed for money laundering
Football fans convicted of hate crime at game
Investigation Into Sexual Offences At Nurseries Comes To An End
Woman guilty of murdering her partner
Former teacher jailed for sexually abusing boarders
Property developer jailed for defrauding investors
Burglar jailed for murdering homeowner
Fraudsters jailed for hotel burglaries
Speeding motorist guilty of killing boy
Record producer jailed for indecently assaulting teenager
Motorist convicted for lying on his insurance form
Mother who abandoned new born baby in park given suspended sentence
Woman jailed for assaulting care home resident
Couple convicted of selling stolen plumbing parts online
New Chief Prosecutor appointed for the West Midlands
Men jailed for sexually abusing school girl
Driver of car which crashed into shops found guilty of dangerous driving
Footballer jailed for assaulting match referee
Man guilty of attempting to hire a ‘hit man’ to kill his common law wife
Disqualified drink driver jailed for crashing into mobility scooter
Uninsured driver jailed for six years for fatal road traffic accident
Teenagers convicted of arson attack in park
Gurminder Singh jailed for life of murdering woman in Wolverhampton hotel
Hoax caller sentenced
Life sentence to Birmingham man who murdered his pregnant girlfriend
Shopkeeper pleads guilty to racially abusing a woman
Man charged with historic child sex offences
Banned driver found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving
Motorist jailed for causing death on Broad Street by dangerous driving
Gang jailed for 66 years for kidnapping, blackmail and shooting
Man guilty of cyber-attack on government and politician’s websites
Teenagers convicted of setting fire to bus
Doctor found guilty of sexually assaulting his patients
Five People Jailed For More than 88 Years After Major Drugs Smuggling Operation
Poachers convicted of illegally killing deer
Life sentence for man who attempting to kill his pregnant ex-partner
Jealous lover found guilty of acid attack
Husband found guilty of strangling his wife to death
Man jailed for attempting to kill ex-partner
Benefit Assessor convicted of fraud
Bank robber jailed for 11 years
Drugs gang jailed for 27 years
91-year-old man found guilty of historic sexual assaults
Paramedic sentenced over hospital death
Cannabis drugs gang jailed for 25 years
Charity worker sentenced for sexually abusing boys in the UK and Kenya
Man jailed for life for body in suitcase killing
13-year-old boy jailed for life for the murder of Glynis Bensley
Carer convicted of ill-treating 88-year-old victim
Man jailed for life for murdering Lidia Pascale
Drunk and abusive plane passenger given a community order
Man jailed for bomb hoax
HGV driver convicted of causing the death of a cyclist by careless driving
Pedal cyclist jailed for knocking over and killing pedestrian
Life sentence for murderer of Davinia Loynton
Man convicted of assaulting paramedic
Life sentence for husband who murdered his wife
Life sentence for killer of mother of three
Road racer given suspended sentence and banned from driving for two years
Two men convicted of disorder at university protest
Post Office robbers jailed for 17 years
Man jailed for stabbing chip shop owner
Teenager convicted of assault and robbery
Gunman jailed for 15 years for sexual assault
Man jailed for the attempted murder of father of five
Motorist jailed causing death by dangerous driving on B5107
Carers jailed for abuse of dementia patient
Man pleads guilty to the murder of Billy Mankelow
Prosecutors tackle first revenge porn case in the West Midlands
Drug smugglers jailed for 11 years
Teachers jailed for beating 10-year-old student
Facebook revenge porn man sentenced
Airline passenger convicted of abusing cabin crew
Man jailed for trying to kidnap a child
Man pleads guilty to committing a hate crime against ticket inspector
Fraudster jailed for stealing from her own family
Man convicted of racial abusing victim at railway station
Banned driver jailed for causing death by dangerous driver
Driver jailed for causing death of motorcyclist by careless driving
Man who conned women he met on internet dating sites sentenced to eight years in prison
“Holy man” who sexually assaulted woman during naked healing ritual is jailed
Home Office and FBI website hacker convicted
Woman jailed for misleading court
Couple jailed for 25 years for murder of toddler
Financial investigator jailed for stealing from his employers
Man convicted of putting up anti-Islamic posters in Walsall
Parents jailed for the manslaughter of their baby
Three jailed for life for the murder of 18-year-old youth
Fire fighter pleads guilty to arson
Man jailed for the manslaughter of father of two
Gun running gang jailed to 123 years
Man jailed for 10 years for stabbing stranger in the neck
Car-jacker jailed for 14 years
Life sentence for murderer of Herman Simpson
Man convicted of sexual assault at railway station
Man sentenced to eight years for throwing a brick into a police car
Man convicted of being in possession of indecent images of children
Passenger convicted of being drunk on Emirates flight
Burglar disguised in burka jailed for stealing over £17,000
Teenagers jailed for life for the murder of Lukasz Furmanek
Man convicted of racially abusing passenger on Birmingham bus
Motorist convicted of causing the death of jogger by careless driving
HGV driver jailed for causing death of two minibus passengers
Hoax bomber jailed for 20 months
Hit-and-run driver jailed
Driver for four years for causing the death of two sisters
Human trafficker jailed
Machete attacker jailed for 12 years
Father jailed for life for the murder of his baby
Jail for conman who claimed he was a racing team chief
Man sentenced to for life for the murder of his partner
4x4 driver jailed for manslaughter of pedestrian
Driver convicted for causing death by careless driving
Police imposter jailed for series of burglaries
Husband sentenced to life for setting wife on fire
Motorist jailed for level crossing collision
Mother and partner convicted following the death of 21-month-old girl
Sham marriage bride jailed
Four men found guilty of the killing of Tomasz Bachta
Man jailed for sexual assault on child
pleads guilty to killing his partner
Mother and daughter jailed for burglary and fraud
Man who attacked taxi driver and police dog is jailed
Man sentenced for controlling or coercive behaviour
Three men found guilty of hoax police officer kidnap plot
Life sentence for the killer of Connor Smith
Nephew sentenced to life imprisonment for killing his aunt
Man who pushed commuter in front of a train given indefinite hospital order
Private tutor jailed for sexually assaulting pupil
Man pleads guilty to the attempted murder of woman and her unborn child
Courier fraudsters convicted of telephone scam
Retired vicar given suspended sentence for indecent assault on teenager
Life sentence for man who killed his friend
Van driver convicted of causing the death by careless driving of cyclist
Three men jailed for the death Morgan Hehir
Three females convicted of defrauding homeowners
Suspended sentenced for HGV driver
Woman jailed for kidnapping baby
Care manager jailed for stealing from residents and staff
Man jailed for life for sexually exploiting vulnerable women
Speeding motorist jailed for causing death of teenager
Fraudsters jailed for telephone scam
Three men jailed for drugs and firearm offences
Man who pushed partner out of window jailed for 29 years
Man convicted of using cloned fuel card
Barking thug sentenced for callous “acid” attack
Ex-manager at Nuneaton children’s home jailed for historical abuse
Father and daughter jailed for assaulting train passenger
Husband jailed for the attempted murder of his wife
Five teenagers jailed for attacking Watford fan
Care assistants convicted of ill-treatment of dementia patient
Man jailed for 30 years for attempted murder and rape of teenager
Man jailed for life for the murder of 65-year-old homeowner
Two jailed for life for the murder of Tanveer Iqbal
Athlete pleads guilty to the attempted murder of British Athletics official
Man who verbally abused female convicted of hate crime
Allan Richards found guilty of sexual abuse over 37 years
Sham marriage gang jailed for more than 52 years
Teenager jailed for life for the murder of neighbour
Internet café killer jailed for life
Driver jailed for causing the death of his passenger by careless driving
Man convicted of aiding illegal entry into the UK
Daniel Sanzone jailed for life for the murder of his 6-week-old son
Double sex offender sentenced
Man jailed for stabbing commuter at Bilston station
Man sentenced to 26 months for stalking
Driver jailed for A450 fatality after she fell asleep behind the wheel
Driver jailed for causing death of 12-year-old by dangerous driving
Man jailed for life for murder of Joshua Price
Man jailed for raping vulnerable woman
101-year-old man found guilty of historic sex abuse
Drink-drive teenager jailed for causing death of taxi passenger
Driver jailed for causing death of passenger by dangerous driving
Man jailed for racist hate mail
Life sentence for killer of Wendy Mann
Two people jailed for life for the murder of Bethany Hill
Man jailed for sexually abusing a child and distributing child sexual images
Man jailed for raping tourist
90-year-old man jailed for child sex offences
Driver jailed for causing death by dangerous driving on A49
Man jailed for kidnap and indecent assault
Landlord convicted of secretly filming female tenants
Passenger jailed for trying to force his way into cockpit
Man jailed for fatal stabbing in Newtown
Holiday maker convicted of arson on board aircraft
Two men convicted of smuggling stun guns into the UK
Athlete sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for the attempted murder of British Athletics official
Man sentenced after breaching order preventing him from making non-emergency 999 calls
Man jailed for 25 years for knife attack on two good Samaritans
Former police officer convicted for possessing indecent photographs of children
Youth convicted of three bank robberies
Man convicted for trying to kill his best friend
Parents jailed for allowing toddler to drown in bath
Man jailed for the manslaughter of Karl Swift
Driver jailed for causing death of pedestrian by dangerous driving
Driver jailed after victim dies 11 years from initial collision
Damien Boroweic jailed for the manslaughter of housemate
Man jailed for the rape and murder of district nurse
Armed supermarket robbers jailed for 41 years
Three men jailed for 27 years following gang rape of woman
Attacker jailed for the manslaughter of John Mercer
Eleven charged with supplying prohibited items into prisons
Two men jailed for life for the murder of Lee Brooks
Motorist jailed for causing death of student as she crossed the road
Enforcement Officer convicted of assaulting homeless man
Two men jailed for committing 53 burglaries across England
Husband and wife found guilty of child sex offences
Man sentenced for the manslaughter of Robert Bavington
Man sentenced after running over traffic marshal
Youth convicted of assaulting 80-year-old woman
Mother and partner jailed for child death
Man jailed for raping and sexually assaulting two students
Hit and run driver jailed for ten years
Pair sentenced after theft of spare wheels from 4x4s
Burglar jailed for attempted murder of security guard
Taxi driver jailed for raping passenger
Man jailed for controlling victim’s life
Driver jailed for causing death on A41 by dangerous driving
Two convicted of life insurance fraud
Ex-employer ordered to payback money she stole
Elvis Sidaway jailed for sexual assaulting students
Man jailed after admitting religious hate crime
Street racers jailed after causing death by dangerous driving
Motorist found guilty of death by careless driving
Man guilty of sexually assaulting female passenger
Kieran Gillespie given life sentence for killing bus passenger
Facebook user convicted for homophobic online abuse
Man sentenced after abusing a transperson at station
Man jailed for manslaughter after stalking his former partner
Man jailed to life for rape, kidnap and sexual assault
Three jailed for firearm offences
Man convicted of sending race hate mail
Former care manager jailed for defrauding resident
Ronald Cooke sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering partner with ornamental sword stick
Two solicitors jailed for perverting the course of justice
Woman jailed for stalking former partner
Youth jailed for setting off IED in supermarket
Teenager sentenced after taking shotgun to school
Motorist jailed for causing the death of an 11 year old girl by dangerous driving
Man jailed after three attempted murders
Man jailed for life after killing flatmate
Teenagers convicted of homophobic hate crime
Truck driver jailed for fatal crash on M6
Man jailed for blowing up ATM
Builder convicted of homophobic harassment
CPS West Midlands response to Inspectorate report
Aaron Barley jailed for life for the murder of mother and son
Man jailed for sexually abusing teenage girls
Terry Poole jailed for nine years for hit and run death
Man convicted for stalking
Man jailed for abusing and assaulting victim
Property fraud gang jailed
Couple jailed for child cruelty
Carer convicted of ill-treatment via social media of care home residents
Motorist jailed for life for the murder of Ben Morse
Motorist handed suspended sentence for causing death by dangerous driving on B4455
Man jailed for 23 years for attempted murder
Man convicted of spraying non-toxic liquid on members of the public
Motorist convicted of causing death by dangersous driving
Firearms dealer convicted of supplying weapons and ammunition
Woman convicted of fake ticket scam
Driver sentenced for causing death by careless driving on A518
Father jailed for life for murdering his children
Brothers jailed for a total of 30 years for attempted murder
Husband jailed for life for the murder of his wife
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