Two jailed for life for the murder of Tanveer Iqbal


A wife and her ex-husband have been sentenced to life imprisonment after they were today found guilty of the murder of Tanveer Iqbal whose body was found in the boot of his vehicle which was parked on Portland Road, Smethwick.

A jury at Birmingham Crown Court heard how the victim, who was married, was involved in a relationship with 37-year-old Zatoon Bibi, who was previously married to her fellow defendant Gul Nawaz.

All of the parties, including some of Mr Iqbal's family, were aware of the unconventional relationship between the victim and Bibi. Towards the end of January 2016 tensions arose between Mr Iqbal, his wife and Bibi resulting in the victim ending his relationship with the defendant.  

On 31 January 2016, Mr Iqbal left his family home to open his business on Shireland Road, Smethwick. After he closed for the day, he returned home and informed his family he was going to see Bibi who had invited him to her home.

Tanveer arrived at the address in his vehicle and the defendants killed him.

The following morning the victim's wife discovered that he had not returned home and tried to contact him but his mobile was switched off. The police and hospitals were also contacted as well as friends. A friend of Mr Iqbal confirmed that he had seen his vehicle parked at a strange angle in Portland Road.

Police arrived at the scene and examined the vehicle and in the boot was a large cardboard box fastened with tape and rope containing the body of the victim. A post-mortem examination revealed that Mr Iqbal had died by strangulation.

Police investigation identified the defendants and CCTV footage was obtained which showed Gul Nawaz purchasing a heavy duty rope and gloves from a store in Oldbury on the afternoon of the murder.

Bibi will serve a minimum of 27 years, while Gul Nawaz will serve a minimum of 25 years. A 16-year-old teenager was also convicted of murder and detained for six years.

Sean Kyne, District Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"It is clear that Tanveer Iqbal had decided to end his relationship with Zatoon Bibi, however the defendant was unable to accept this and together with her ex-husband and another person, they decided to kill him.

"The prosecution team considered a vast amount of evidence which proved that the defendants planned and carried out the murder together. Items were purchased on the day including rope and gloves to assist in the murder. This was a premeditated killing which was carefully planned and executed with all of the defendants acting together including creating a false alibi.

"Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Mr Iqbal."